Software is the part of the computer system, which enables the hardware to operate. The term software refers to the instructions required for running a computer system. It consists of a set of programs, documents, procedures and routines associated with the operations of a computer system.

Major classifications of the computer software are
  • System Software
  • Application Software
System Software

System software includes the computer programs that run a computer system itself or, that assists a computer in running application programs. It also includes the documentation that describes how these programs operate.

Operating System

It acts as an interface or link between the user and the computer. In other words, it coordinates the flow of information from the computer to the user and vice versa. Basic knowledge of the operating system is essential to understand the mechanism by which the central processing Unit (CPU) controls the computer system.

  • It is responsible for:
  • Memory & CPU Management
  • Disk Management
  • I-O Device Management
  • User- interface
Application Software

Application software includes the computer programs and related documentation that accomplishes end- user data processing tasks, e.g. preparation of a report. It controls the processing of a particular task, and generation of  specific information, as required by an organization.


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