Basic Computer Class – WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM – Part 04


Windows is an operating system, unlike Ms-Dos. It is a multi-user operating system. The windows platform works under multi environment (i.e.) More than one applications can be opened. Windows operating system is based on GUI [Graphical User Interface]. This operating system is bigger, faster, slicker and more capable than anything.


The screen, which displayed when the window is opened, is known as desktop. The windows desktop contains a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This taskbar includes a start button on the left corner and a timer (which shows current time) on the right corner of the taskbar. The start button in the taskbar is used to open the applications and to run them. The desktop screen also contains some small drawings called icons, above the taskbar. These icons are used as a shortcut to open the application instead of browsing.

My Computer

My computer is one of the file management tool available in windows. It can be used to locate folders, files and disks or printers on the computer.

My Documents

it is a Desktop folder, which provides a convenient place to store graphics, documents, or other files wanted to access quickly. Mostly the files created in Ms-Office groups are stored in My document folder.

Recycle Bin

The recycle bin is represented on the desktop by a Wastebasket icon. It is a folder that stores deleted files until they are finally removed from the hard disk. The files or folders when deleted from the hard disk, it directly goes to the recycle bin.

To restore the files in the Bin:

  • Open Recycle bin
  • Right click the files to be restored.
  • Click the “restore” option in the pop-up menu.
  • Thus the file or folder will be restored in the original position from where it was deleted.
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